Frequently Asked Questions about BAISA

What's BAISA?

BAISA is a commodities exchange created as a private company in order to accomplish the directions of the law 23, 1997, established on the Marrakesh Protocol to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, operated by the World Trade Organization.


What is a commodity exchange?

It is the place where various commodities and derivates are traded.

What is Baisa’s objective?

To provide buyers and sellers a public, modern place where they can close successful and transparent transactions.

Is Baisa part of the government?

No.  BAISA is a private company, represented by shareholders of all the economics areas.  BAISA is supervised by a government entity named CONABOLPRO (Comision Nacional de Bolsas de Productos or National Commission of Commodities Exchanges), that follows the procedures done for the tariff quota’s (Contingentes Arancelarios) negotiations.

Who can participate in BAISA?

Any economic agent related to Agriculture, Industry that would like to buy or sale goods or services, as long as they are represented by a Stock Broker Firm.

Are prices regulated  by BAISA?

No. The market determine the prices.  BAISA is just the place where the price is confirmed and agreements are signed.

What is a Stock Broker Firm?

Is a firm that quotes both a buy and a sell price in a financial instrument or commodity, hoping to make a profit on the bid.  They have to obtain a concession to do any transaction at BAISA.

What is a stockbroker?


A stock broker is a licensed professional by CONABOLPRO who buys and sells through a Stock Broker Firm, on behalf of the clients. 

Are they any risks for buyers or sellers by trading at BAISA?

No. there aren’t risks by trading, neither for buyers or sellers, as the stock broker can't sale at a lower price authorized by the vendor or to buy at a higher price authorized by the buyer.

What benefits does an economic agent obtains by trading at BAISA?

The buyer will receive the product according to the specifications and quantity agreed in the contract signed, also the vendor by having this done will collect his payment on time.  The warranty and payment system through BAISA’s Compensation Camera is the main benefit of trading at the commodity exchange.

How much does it cost to do business in BAISA?

BAISA and the Stock Broker Firm, charge a minimum fee for buyers and sellers that is calculated based on the total amount of the negotiation.